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Rabu, 16 Februari 2011

The Princess Mandalika and the Sea Worms

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The Princess and the Sea Worms
(Lombok Sumbawa folklore)

Once upon a time there was a king who ruled in Eberu, Lombok, who had a beautiful daughter called Princess Mandalika. Because of her beauty, princes and kings from other kingdoms around Eberu wished that she would be their wife. Six of them came to Eberu and asked for her hand of marriage. They were Prince Bumbang, Prince Aryo Johor, Prince Singa Trasak, Prince Daria Loka, Prince Gunung Piring and Prince Bungsu. Each prince wanted to win the heart of Princess Mandalika.

Her father, the king of Eberu, was very confused and did not know what to do. If he chose one prince instead of another then it would create jealousy and there could be war against his kingdom. All the princes were handsome and powerful and so the king allowed his daughter to make her own choice. But Princess Mandalika was confused too and she also knew the dangerous risk that her kingdom and people would get, if she chose either one of the princes.

After several days of serious thinking, Princess Mandalika met her parents and asked permission to announce her decision in front of all the princes and the people of Eberu the next day at the beach. Early next morning, everybody gathered at the beach. There was a gentle breeze with small waves breaking softly across the shore. Everybody was looking at Princess Mandalika, waiting for her announcement.

Meanwhile, the six princes prayed in their heart that he would be the choosen one. Then, in a loud and clear voice, Princess Mandalika said, “Oh my beloved mother and father, all the princes and especially the people of Eberu Kingdom. Today I would like to announce that I will not give myself to any one of the princes, but rather to all of people of Eberu and my own kingdom.” Then Princess Mandalika threw herself into the sea from the top of Seger Hill and disappeared. Everybody desperately searched for her but she could not be found and the people believed she was transformed into flowing sea worms called “Nyale” Since then every year at the same month, the sea worms will come out and the people of Lombok will gather to catch them to eat or sell them. Nowadays, the time which the sea worm appears are also commemorated with a festival called the Nyale Festival.

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